Horrible Lag and inconsistent speeds

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Massive amount of Uncorrected....

Does this look right to Spectrum?


  • Jaleesa_F
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    Hello @QuestionMark

    Welcome to the Community! We are happy to look into the connectivity issue, my apologies for the poor experience. Are you typically wired or wireless when notice the lag and intermittent connectivity?

  • QuestionMark
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    Combination of connections: Wireless 2.4 & 5, Ethernet Cat6

    All devices wireless and wired have speed inconsistencies, Connections drop, & or lag, for all devices, usually simultaneously.

    Direct connect to modem has the same results.

    I removed the splitter (DVR HD Receiver) connecting coaxial directly into modem, same results.

    Checked junction box at the street for water/condensation - dry and connections are tight and seem good to me.

    Anything else I can do, that I've not covered?

  • James_M
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    I was able to locate your account using your registration information. It looks like the modem was restarted in the last 24 hours and the uncorrectables have cleared. If the issue continues or returns, then we suggest scheduling a service call to check signal levels and outside connections.

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