I Purchased a Spectrum210 DVR While Living in NC. Can I use the same DVR in California?

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    Hello and welcome to the Spectrum Community.

    All cable boxes must be leased from us we do not currently allow purchased cable boxes to be used with the service. In some areas you can still use a cable card/tuning adapter with devices such as a Tivo but those are being phased out. Spectrum cable boxes would not have been sold to you from us and would not be able to be added onto an account to work with the service. The modem and router also would not have been purchased from us as we do not sell our equipment it is all leased. If for example you close and account and do not return the equipment to us you are charged for the equipment this is not the same as purchasing it though. A modem purchased from a store such as Walmart or Target would be able to be used as long as it is approved to work with our system but a modem that was originally owned by us most likely won't be able to be used as the serial number would be in our system as a company owned piece of equipment and not able to be added on as a customer owned modem.



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    As far as I know, you only can rent Spectrum STBs and DVRs, not purchase them outright. If you bought one on Ebay or somewhere else, it is unlikely Spectrum will activate it since it was probably stolen.

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    Thanks for responding. Possibly Spectrum is different in California? I also purchased the WiFi router and I have a receipt from Spectrum. They provided the modem for free. THANKS AGAIN!

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    Please post back and let us know what happens when you try to use it.

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    Important to note as stated above. You can't own Spectrum equipment. You can only rent Spectrum equipment. If you move. the equipment must be returned to Spectrum as it is the property of Spectrum and "pinged" or tied into your account. The boxes and modems are activated to your account and address. When they are taken off the account, they are useless until they are re-activated to another account. If you don't return equipment to Spectrum, you may be charged for non-returned equipment. Here is more information about returning equipment:


    When you move to a new location, and establish residency there you may or may not have Spectrum as a cable provider. The equipment nodes, box software, and locations, as well as the hardware are not interchangable. You would have to set up service and activation with that provider in your new state.

    If you move to a new location serviced by Spectrum within the same state, you might be able to keep the same account information, and levels of service, possibly the same equipment.

    Here is more information about moving and transferring of Spectrum services:


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