I have cable, but do I have a "subscription"?

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I want to watch a show called "The Gilded Age". It is available to Spectrum Subscribers. I have Spectrum Cable; am I a subscriber? Do I have to pay anything to watch it?


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    That would depend on what network is airing the show and if you subscribe to that particular network. Would you happen to know what network the show is on?

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    It is currently available on MAX. So I would have to have a MAX subscription to see it on Spectrum. But I could see it on MAX without Spectrum, so there is no advantage in this instance to having Spectrum. Is that how it works?

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    I believe the story is that if you add Max to your Spectrum cable TV subscription, you'll be able to watch all of the HBO channels live as well as on demand via Spectrum cable TV as well as via the Spectrum TV app plus Max streaming at large including "all of HBO" via the Max streaming app.



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    If the show is on the app Max then you would need to subscribe to Max as a standalone service meaning you can use their app to view the content without a cable subscription or you can pay for the HBO channels through us and get the HBO channels live on the cable TV service as well as get access to the Max app at no extra charge. Either way there is a subscription price to pay it just depends on if you pay Max directly or pay for the service through us.


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