How to eliminate error code STBD-3305?

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I continue to get error code-(STBD-3305) on one channel when trying to a scheduled tv recorded show. Tried rebooting device, re-recording shows, recording an individual show.

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  • William_M
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    Thank you for confirming. It looks like our engineers are aware of an issue causing the 3305 message to happen intermittently. Unfortunately the only recommendations until the implement a fix is to try scheduling your recording at another time, or you could try using the My Spectrum app.


  • William_M
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    Hey @Fandrus1, welcome to our community!

    What channel is it that you are having the problem on? Is it all programs on that channel? Is it a constant issue or intermittent?

  • Fandrus1
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    The same channel and the shows on that channel. It happens to be fox news

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    Spectrum app is dead except for lowest channels local. Advise

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