Connection issues and alterative options to improve the solution.

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Hi everyone!

About earlier this year I had my connection issue fixed except for one issue.

The solution was to install 9ft cable in my room, although I'm only just few feet away from the coax box itself, when asked the technician, i was told it because, my node or amp was transmitting too much power and he had no choice but to add splitter between the coax box and modem itself to prevent it from having the modem overload itself and resulting in T3 timeouts. He told me that the only way to fix the issue altogether was to add another node somewhere near the neighborhood to help fix this issue. If I'm having this issue, will other neighbors also have this issue as well?

I had my lines checked and everything is good, just the node or amp giving out too much power, and only a temp solution, he did told me that he would ask his SV to see if anything could be done, haven't heard anything back, the tech did the best he could and was really nice, I'm just not sure where to go from here, since the cable causes a lot of inconvenience and often gets in the way. Hope this info helps!

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    Good evening @Ghostie21

    Thank you for reaching out to us about your Internet services. I am very sorry that the services concerns has not been corrected for you. I am not seeing any recent home visits and in order to have this escalated further I would recommend scheduling another home visit to have this investigated further and escalated if needed. Would you like to set this up? -Lyn


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