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Have been having trouble with EN2251 modems constantly failing during severe lighting and TStorms. Never had this problem with previous models started when Spectrum switched to the EN2251.

We have multiple people working from home so internet loss is a critical issue.

When swapping a failed modem at a Spectrum store the agent issued us 2 modems, one to have as a 'spare'

Latest round of T-Storms fried another modem, so we installed the 'spare' which saved us from a day of no internet and lost job productivity.

When we tried to exchange the failed modem (at the same Spectrum store) for another spare we were told we couldn't because we already had a active modem.

Venting/Wondering if denying an exchange due to us having a active modem sounds correct?


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    Good evening @tominlakeland and Welcome to our Community Forums,

    Thank you for reaching out to us in regards to obtaining a spare modem. We can only provide one modem per account without charging for the additional services for that modem. You can use your own personal equipment if you would prefer. Please click to view the modems that authorized to work with our service. If you have any other questions please let us know. -Lyn


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    Thanks for responding.

    Per your above reply, Could you explain what the "additional services" charges would be for obtaining a 'spare' modem?

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    You would need to subscribe to a second line of Spectrum Internet service for a second Spectrum modem.

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