Why does Spectrum deny access to certain paid stations while connected to an ISP other than Spectrum

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It seems that spectrum will deny a subscriber access to certain stations which are paid for by my subscription, If you are not on the spectrum ISP net work?

It seems to me that I should have access to all purchased stations, regardless of the ISP no other streaming service, limited access to any of the paid station based upon ISP origin.

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    Hi @Thebloos, welcome to our community!

    Unfortunately there are geographical restrictions on where we are licensed to broadcast channels. While some channels allow us to stream them to anywhere, others can only be viewed when at home and the way we verify that is checking if you are on your home internet. Many of the channels with an in-home restriction have their own app which you can log in with your Spectrum username and use anywhere.


  • Thebloos
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    Following your line of logic, in order to receive the locked stations I am required to subscribe to Spectrum internet, correct?

    if I were to switch to ClearWave fiber, the Spectrum subscription would be a complete waste of money.

    I do not like to be forced to subscribe to any product based on subscribing to another service that is only available from Spectrum.

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    Hi @Thebloos

    If you are using a different provider for internet, a technician can come out to install a gateway device that would allow you to access the full lineup for streaming at home.

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