Ongoing Connection issues in my area. Southern Indiana

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Since the spring storms in our area its been an ongoing issue of outages in my area. Is there a tech that's missing something? Its not localized to my home as my neighbors and a friends across town has also been experiencing outages during similar times and i receive constant calls and app notifications of the outage

My modem is on a smart PDU that will power cycle if the unit has lost internet too long.

Screen caps of my modem prior to a factory reset

Modem Log after reset and fresh connection

Router logs of ongoing latency, packet loss, and connection issues.

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    Hello @YotaBoonie

    Welcome to our community! I'm sorry for the frustration with the interruptions. While we're not always given details on the cause, I did take a look at things using your forum registration and it looks like the techs have been having a little difficulty in narrowing down an exact cause since there have been a few times where they've gotten on site and the issue has been cleared up. It looks like currently they're working with the power company to see if there are some commercial power issues and that's why it's intermittent.

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