What equipment is even available to replace my TiVos?

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I'm currently running two TiVos with CableCARDs and TAs. (The TAs have been flashing yellow, not getting IP addresses, and not giving me channels for years and the techs that have been sent when I complain seem to think SDV is something you get from a Tinder hookup, but that's a discussion for another thread.) I have the cable modem and TiVos mounted in a rack on the second floor of my house and 30-foot HDMI cables down to my wall-mounted TVs, with a couple of more distant TVs running a TiVo mini or the Spectrum App. I control everything with RF remotes. It works well, but that tech's days are numbered. We frankly don't use the DVR functionality much, so the main barrier to change is retraining the family in using the on-screen guide. The channel-surfing experience using the guide Spectrum app is not acceptable for the primary TVs, mostly because we can't enter channel numbers directly, but also because it takes so long to switch that we can't hop between games.

I would consider changing out the equipment but my plan is Spectrum TV Select, so I can't see upgrade options on the website. What hardware is even available? Do any of the current STBs/DVRs support an RF remote?


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    Hello @SwansbyDancin

    Welcome to the Community!

    We appreciate your continued interest in Spectrum services. We are happy to answer these questions for you. Please reach out to Customer Service via phone at 1-855-707-7328 for further assistance with this inquiry.

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    Dude, I would rather let ChatGPT file my taxes than call customer service. Why do you think I've had the same cable package for ten years? 😀

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    Yea, I just had to RMA a TiVo Edge and came to find out, when trying to re-activate the swapped out cable card, that Spectrum is no longer compelled to do squat for me. Guess I'm going to flap in the breeze.

    I'm now looking to cloud dvr options like DirectTV Streaming. The other services (YouTube-TV, Hulu+, Sling) I've researched all have sub-par channel lineups. The good thing is that they run from an app on Samsung TV, ChromeCast, Fire, Roku, etc so it's still couch friendly. No Idea about the guide, channel switching, etc. Being on a TiVo since the early 2000's has me spoiled.

    I know for pretty much certain that I'm not getting a Spectrum DVR because, well, I'm busy flapping here in this breeze.

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