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For the past few weeks gaming reliability has been terrible. Works fine sometimes other times latency gets too high and the game is dropped.

I've been running this test from a packet loss test site and sometimes the results are good and whenever the gaming drops the packet loss test shows a very high percentage of lost packets.

Normal game latency when things are good is around 100 ms. Right now Diablo 4 is running 250-400 ms and running the test below shows an ongoing issue.

In the past Spectrum always has responded that everything is fine and any checks they do of my line they say it must be my router or modem. Previously after 4 visits by technicians when the replaced every line to and in the house, they finally connected on the pole and determined there was a bad connection somewhere down the road.

How do I get Spectrum to address their network problem without having to host multiple home appointments?

Packet Loss Test

Test Progress

Sent Packets 125 / 250 packets

Received Packets 71 / 250 packets

Test Time 10s / 10s

Test Results

Upload Packet Loss

43.20% (54 / 125)

Download Packet Loss

0.00% (0 / 71)

Total Packet Loss

43.20% (54 / 125)

Late Packets

0.00% (0 / 71)

Average Latency


Average Jitter



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    Looks like you have an upcoming service call scheduled. Your best option at this point is to continue to collect any related information to show the tech during the visit. Let us know how it goes!

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