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Why do I have two routers and two modems on my account? When I call customer service they only see one each. I offered to send them an email with a screenshot or a photo of it and they say they can't help.


  • Jlavarocks_1
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    Why is it I can't get an email address for customer support so I can send them a picture of what I see that I have two routers and two modems connected to my network

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    Hello and welcome to the Spectrum Community. Customer service does not have technical support via email. If you need to send pictures you can send them here or reach out to the social media team via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and you can send pictures that way.


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    I think it’s one and the same modem showing up under the two different categories because the modem has an integrated Voice over IP analog telephone adapter that would come into play with Spectrum Voice service. 

    I can only wonder if the phantom router represents some kind of preconfiguration semblance of Spectrum Mobile Wi-Fi that would only be available for Spectrum Mobile subscribers to have enabled. The fact that such uses WPA2 Enterprise (802.1X where X is literally not a wildcard) rather than WPA2 Personal (PSK) security and somehow supposedly doesn’t dip into your main internet tier throughput may be why such would show up as a phantom router and maybe it virtually is! 

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    Otherwise just curious what if any indications are available if you tap on the phantom router for details and also whether the current router or modem/router combo is a recent upgrade like within the current billing cycle or so.

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