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Spectrum recently changed their e-mail format. I depend on sending out group e-mails, and under the previous format all I did was select my contact, hit compose, compose the e-mail and hit the send button. Under the format I can't find a way to do that. What am I missing - suggestions.

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    I'm not sure if have said interface change or not but by the interface i currently have, if i check the box in the check-box column of any one or more contacts or all of them all at once by checking the box in the column header row, four additional hyperlink functions appear in the functions row immediately above the column header row, one of which is the compose email message function symbolized by an envelope with a + symbol. Hitting that pops out a message composition frame with the addresses of all of the checked contacts already in the "To:" field.


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    Thanks HT. Solution worked.

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