Extreme and Constant Packet Loss



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    @zach0331 It is objectively an inconclusive test result. It is an IP that doesn't respond to pings not responding to pings, it doesn't prove anything. It is also not obvious to you that I would have the same traceroute results, or you wouldn't have provided yours repeatedly as evidence of an issue while refusing to test a different nearby IP. You even claimed to know which hop was causing the problem based on the traceroute, and put a big blue circle around the failed ping.

    Routing is always different between different customers and destinations, it can even change for you moment to moment, but both our tests are going through Atlanta so our routing is actually extremely similar. If it is a peering issue then having the exact same routing doesn't even matter, I would still have the same problem. If it is a routing issue you would have packet loss on other nearby servers such as the websites, and the issue would be resolved when on Central/West or when using a VPN, because then you too will have different routing.

    I don't need rock solid evidence that the issue is on our end, just any at all. Every piece of evidence provided so far proves the exact opposite. I have not responded to you this many times just to avoid sending an email. I have gone far beyond what is expected of me trying to help despite your earlier implication that I don't know what I am doing, I hope Riot is willing to accept the abundance of evidence we have provided and continue to assist you with this issue, but this is my last response. Good luck.

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