No "Service Outage" / "Service Restored" alert e-mails anymore?

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There was an outage in my area that started around 2:30 AM 7/25/2023, it lasted about 2 hours, and since the connection came back, it has been intermittent, and will go down for 5-10 minutes periodically, then come back. I have Spectrum Business with a cable modem + router, and Spectrum Residential for TV, with a cable box/DVR which is connected directly to the cable line, and the outage affects both, indicated a problem downstream (most likely).

If I call Spectrum Support all they do is send a reset signal to the cable modem & router, then say it's responding normally.

Spectrum has been sending "Service Outage" + "Service Restored" e-mails to me since 2021. This time, I received no such messages. Has sending these alerts stopped? Nothing has changed in my Spectrum account settings.

How can I get a higher tier to look at this issue?



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    Hi & Welcome -

    I was able to locate your account information using your registration data. I can see that there was a brief interrruption with your internet earlier today however I am not seeing an area wide issue that would cause an outage notification. As side note, I do not have access to all the same diagnostic tools as business support agents, so there may have been an issue that I am not seeing.

    Unfortunately, we have limited ability to support business accounts on this Community. If restarting the modem again does not resolve the issue, I would suggest contacting business support again for further troubleshooting and investigation. They would also be better able to speak to any changes to the outage notification emails.


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