Why do I lose internet frequently (multiple times a day) for 30-90 seconds at a time?

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Hey there,

I recently moved and got Spectrum in my NYC apartment and every day our internet randomly cuts out for 30-90 seconds at a time and without doing anything to our modem or router it comes back online. Some days it happens once others 3+ times and there's no real pattern time-wise or usage-wise for when it occurs.

Would love any troubleshooting tips/tricks.

If it helps, Modem = ES2251 and Router = SAX1V1K


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    Hi & welcome!

    I was able to locate your account based on your registration information. It looks like you have already scheduled a service call to look into this issue. Let us know how the appointment goes!

    I also included a link to internet troubleshooting that might be helpful if the issue returns.

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