Should Spectrum TV select with the Motorola DCX3200 have a guide?

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My sister recently subscribed to Spectrum in Reno, NV. According to her account, she has the TV Select package.

The installer gave her two Motorola DCX3200 boxes. He said it takes quite a while for the software to download, so he left before being able to demonstrate the service to us.

After 48 hours, we receive channels, but they are still bog basic - you can only enter channel numbers or change the channel. Guide button, on demand, etc do absolutely nothing. Is this just how this package is, or is there supposed to be a proper UI with an on-screen EPG, on-demand access, etc?

Fortunately her LG C3 TV presents a guide of its own, so she hasn't really noticed the deficiency, but this can't be right, can it?


  • Renee_T
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    Hello @djrobxx

    Welcome to our community! All of our boxes should have some form of guide software and On Demand menus. Have you tried rebooting the boxes yet?

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    Spectrum sent me 3 DCX3200 boxes recently to replace my old DTAs. I installed them per instructions but when I went through the verification interface, it didn't work. Via Chat, agent said "sending codes now, you should see channels." And yes, now I had channels. But the Guide (and Menu) buttons did nothing! When tech arrived, he knew immediately what the problem was..."they didn't send the right codes." After using the Spectrum call-in number, he eventually got them to send the right codes. Now the Guide (and OnDemand) buttons work fine. Maybe this is your problem -- boxes not activated properly.

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    Thank you for this update,

    Here is a tip for everyone, if you are recieving Spectrum Services via tuning adaptor known as a Digital Tuning Adaptor or DTA, these are being phased out. Spectrum Cable boxes/self installs of these boxes and DVR's will require a call to Spectrum, saying to the CSR, that you are transferring from a tuning adaptor to an authorized Spectrum receiver, so that the phone rep can activate the right codes for the new Spectrum box. If he/she can't do it over the phone, a truck roll will be mandatory to activate the right codes to get your cable guide and On Demand working.


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    Thanks, Satch. Yes, a "no guide" problem can be related to replacing Digital Transport Adapters, as happened to me, but I was thinking that djrobxx's similar problem -- no guide -- might also have the same solution -- Spectrum not activating box with correct codes.

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