Channel 305 Not Working Out of Home on Spectrum App

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Why is the Padres channel 305 not working out of home on the Spectrum App? A friend has this channel on DirectTV and is able to stream on his app out of home.

With no Ballys App and not able to stream this on Spectrum TV, I can only watch the Padres if I am physically in my home which is a bad customer experience.

Please do not answer that I should use the MLB App as that is a separate subscription and I am already paying for Spectrum. I used to be able to use both the Ballys app and the Bally channel out of home on the Spectrum App before.

Please fix this!

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    I don’t know but i think Spectrum cable TV channel 305 in San Diego is a stop-gap collaboration between MLB and Spectrum cable TV to pick up the Padres games where Bally Sports San Diego left off. Are you saying that you are specifically able to get Spectrum cable TV Bally Sports San Diego channel 322 away from home but not Spectrum cable TV channel 305? Just curious.

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