losing internet multiple times..

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Lost internet on computers, phones and net controlled appliances twice this month. The four tv's work just fine. Tried to restart/reboot equipment to fix this, no luck. BTW, ATT has been planting cable behind my house with a termination at my house property. Secondly, when I open my preferences on my Mac and check internet connections, it shows 6 ATT unknown customers. Once I get back on line after a time, most of the att customers are not there. I have had spec send me a msg. that they need to service my system because of problems with it. What kind of problems? Thanks for any help.


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    Good evening @Mauser

    Thank you for reaching out to us in regards to the concerns you have noticed with your services. I am very sorry this has been happening. I am seeing the Proactive Maintenance Alerts that we have also sent out recently. This indicates that a concern with the signal has been located. I am not sure what troubleshooting you have completed at this point. I do recommend checking to make sure nothing is loose on the inside of your home. Is this also impacting your Cable TV service? Or Just the Internet? - Lyn

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    Thanks Lyn for the reply.

    I checked all physical connections to and from the equipment, no problems. While no internet, all TV's work. I did received a note from Spe. about a line problem at my residence awhile back. Since my problem is intermittent, I don't know if the problem is repeatable. What puzzles me is seeing all the ATT folks downline from me. They are pw protected. When back online, the amount of ATT folks are much less. I do use a VPN, which I pause when the internet goes down. No change. The pic is from my Mac's network app....

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    Thank you for that information. After further review of the account, I do see that we did send a Proactive email alert to you in May 2023. I would ask that you please call: 1-855-707-7328 to get that appointment schedule so we can check the lines.

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