Spectrum TV and Hisense ROKU Buffering

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I’m a new Spectrum customer. I just received and setup my Modem & Router yesterday. I have noticed on many occasions the “Buffering” notice has appeared too many times??? My internet speed test is 325, I have restarted the system several times????


  • Dmhrnc
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    I am having the same issue, repeatedly. We’ve had the tech out, and another is returning tomorrow. I’d love to know why.

  • Renee_T
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    Hello @AlanVO and @Dmhrnc

    Welcome to our community. I was able to locate both of your account information with the registration information for the community. It looks like the Roku devices on both accounts are showing a low bitrate on our Spectrum TV app and that can definitely cause buffering issues. The signal levels for both modems looked good, but I did notice some frequent timeouts being logged in both cases, which can also contribute to the slower bitrate/buffering.

    Dmhrnc - Since you have the technician visit set up, that's going to be the best course of action to get the timeout issues resolved. If there are multiple issues with the connection it can take a couple of visits to get things fully resolved, since fixing one issue can often expose another underlying issue that was hidden previously. Please keep us updated on how things are working after that tech visit.

    AlanVO - We would recommend having a tech come out to address the timeouts for you. If you'd like us to set that up, please let us know and we can private message you here to get that appointment set up.

  • Dmhrnc
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    The tech visited today for the second time and said our options are to move the modem or replace the TV. I’m very confused, as we’ve had service for six years and nothing like this has happened. No change in modem location, nothing. I’m not replacing the TV. Isn’t there a better explanation for why this is happening?

  • HT_Greenfield
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    I don't know but i wonder if what the tech really meant is that if the TV can't be connected to the wireless router via Ethernet hardline, then physical/structural obstruction and spatial distance between the TV and the wireless router needs to reduced either by placing the wireless router closer to the TV or vice versa and "place" or "placement" may have been misconstrued as "replace" or "replacement." Are the modem and wireless router integrated together or separate units?

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