Spectrum 200 DVR setting a series recording from the search feature

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On my Spectrum 200 DVR, when I select a program to record from the guide I'm given the option of setting a series recording. When I find the same program using the search feature, I'm only given the option of recording the specific episode and I'm not given the option of setting a series recording. I find it hard to believe that I can't set a series recording from the search feature, but I've tested it several times and keep getting the same results.

I must be missing something obvious, but how do I set a series recording when I find a program using the search feature?


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    Hello @ChadH43

    Welcome to our community! With the guide software that the 200s boxes run, the search feature pulls the info from the On Demand show listings, as opposed to the listings for the guide. Since those listings are provided by different sources, they don't always have identical information. Once the recording is set up, if you go into the DVR Manager, you should be able to swap it to a series recording from that menu.

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    Thanks! I'll give that a try.

    I can't imagine why someone would design the software that way, but you answered another question I had but chose not to ask about incomplete search results I was getting. Having been a TiVo user for the last 25 years, I'm growing to miss it more and more each day.

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    I agree with you @ChadH43,

    I have the older guide software called ODN (which many customers prefer.) and the legacy Cisco 9865 box. On that guide, the show searches (B-button or magnifying glass on remote) show you all listings of a show. (Live, forthcoming, and On Demand.) Using the ODN guide, there is also a way to filter listings by content:

    On your DVR for a show

    On TV

    On Demand

    Than, you can filter your selection down further. I really hope that Spectrum continues developing the ODN Guide because a lot of customers like it better than Spectrum Guide.

    Could a moderator please forward this thread to the Spectrum Guide Development Team, requesting that keyboard searches pull up show content from all sources of a show? (Not just On Demand.) This update is important. I always thought that the modern guide boxes, going back say at least five years had similar search functionality.



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