Why does the spectrum app on Roku open with “exit to live TV” when I have it programmed to CNN?

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This started happening a number of months ago. I programmed my Roku to start up to CNN, then all of a sudden it started to open with CNN, but with a greyed screen that says “exit to live?” Why does it ask this? I saw a previous post related that said to delete the app and re-add it, but another comment said it did not work and there was no other follow up and closed. I did notice that it only happens upon first turning on the TV. If I go to another app and then back to spectrum, it will go to the last station viewed without this question. It only happens after I first turn the TV on.


  • HT_Greenfield
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    That sounds like it may be a Roku TV OS user-interface overlay. Especially if it goes to the Roku Live TV Channel Guide if you hit OK on it.

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    It's because this is a very poor iDvr app. It's like the people who developed it don't use it.

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