Why is my service not connecting?

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I did the set up multiple times. I had arranged set up ahead. I spoke with tech support twice. Tech support said local dispatch would call in an hour. They didn't call. I watched all the videos and followed instructions. Nothing happened. I contacted again and asked for local dispatch and a local dispatch agent finally called but she said i would have to wait several days. She wouldn't answer any questions or even confirm I had an appointment today even though I have the email from them. She then hung up without a discussion or allowing me to ask a question. I don't understand why they don't adhere to the company mission statement or how helpful they claim to be in the advertisements. I made a complaint to BBB. It just doesn't make sense. Yesterday the sellers had the same service connected and yet today Spectrums own equipment and process doesn't work on the same new looking cables and they wouldn't even give me a guess as to why it may not be working. Is their equipment bad? Is it the cables? Surely they have experience with a variety of issues and might have a guess at least. Why would it not work? Why would they not keep the agreement for service today? Even a conversation about it for a few minutes would have been helpful. I was going to add other services and bundle, like cell phone service, but the customer service was so poor I'm not going to. I work in the service industry and have a communication degree and some basic communication skills training would benefit this company.

I suppose this is a complaint and question in one. I was polite, although a little frustrated after several hours of troubleshooting and even downloading the Spectrum App. Tech support said the app would help but I feel like maybe it was just a push to get me on it. I really just want them to get the job done, as agreed, on the day agreed. Or at least make some sense of why the service doesn't work. If everything has been done and there are no outages, what could it be?


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    Hey @RachelRH, welcome to our community.

    I was able to locate your account and I see you had a self install scheduled for 8/5, not a professional install appointment with a technician. Service can usually be installed just by connecting the modem to existing coaxial wiring/outlets, but they can be damaged at any time and we won't know until equipment is connected. There is no agreement or guarantee that self install can always be completed and the possible causes of damage are so varied it's hard to make a guess to what could have happened, maybe something was damaged from movers coming in and out or the modem got bumped or too hot on the way over.

    I am very sorry for the time you spent today without resolution. Step 1 of the self install involves waiting for the online light to come on before trying to do any activation through our app or website. All you can do for this is reboot the modem and try different coaxial outlets, if the modem still won't come online then we need to wait for a technician. You could try exchanging the modem at a Spectrum store for a sooner resolution, but that won't help if the cause was is a damaged line.

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