Potential Security Issue with Call Forwarding

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Good day!

About two weeks ago we noticed our home phone would only ring once. We thought it was spam or something so we ignored it. Family would call the number and get a message that the mail box has not been set up yet. Strange eh? After calling Spectrum support, we found that somehow Call Forwarding got enabled and was forwarding all calls to some unknown number. We thought we made a mistake and the support person undid the call forwarding for us, no problems.

A week later, it happened again. After remembering what the support person said, I logged into my account and found that not only had call forwarding been re-enabled to a different number, a set of 10 or so phone numbers was restricted to only be allowed to call. After checking the old email address we used to have on this account, we saw emails from spectrum that our password had been changed two days prior. We did not change our password at that time. Concerning.

I changed the password on this account to something crazy hard and undid all the call forwarding nonsense. I have a feeling the password got hacked and some spammers were trying to use our phone number for their nefarious ends.

Not sure if Spectrum reads these, or if anyone else has this issue, but that's what I did. If Spectrum has a way to check for people with Call Forwarding enabled, it might lead to the culprit(s)

Maybe it'll help someone.


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    Hi & welcome!

    Thanks for the post and sorry to hear about any issues. Glad to hear that the issue appears resolved and glad to hear that you have already changed your password(s). Unfortunately, there are situations where individuals will use techniques including phishing or social engineering to gain otherwise restricted access.

    Your diligence is a reminder that protecting your information by using strong passwords is a good first level of defense. We can pass your comments along to our security team for monitoring and awareness. If you should see anything else unusual regarding your account, please let us know. You may also want to consider contacting your local law enforcement to report the matter, and I would definetly recommend reporting it, if it should occur again.

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