Guide access different between ROKU and Apple TV

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There is an inconsistency in accessing the Guide on ROKU and Apple TV. On ROKU, the right arrow opens the guide, but on Apple TV, it requires the left arrow. Minor item, but I can't really understand why the developers would have two different inputs do the same thing. Would love to see this be more consistent.

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    Good evening and welcome to our Community Forum,

    Thank you for reaching out to us with your feedback about the Guide on both ROKU and Apple TV. There will be difference due to the different platforms being used. We do try to streamline things as much as possible. I will be sure to forward your feedback along. -DT


  • JW9f6
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    When viewing the favorites list on the guide, Apple TV removes the duplicate channels, but ROKU does not. This results in each channel being listed more than once on the favorites list on ROKU. If you remove a channel from the favorites list, it removes both instances. This duplication means the guide is only half as useful as it would be otherwise as many channels are listed twice.

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