Is there a Series Manager for the Cloud DVR?

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Is there a Series Manager for the Cloud DVR? The series to be recorded by the Cloud DVR obviously are being stored somewhere, but I can't seem to find a way to see which series I've set to record. I haven't decided whether this is a hindrance or not, but it certainly is different than the physical DVR I've used for the past 15 years so I'm struggling a bit. If there isn't a series manager maybe someone can suggest another method to see all scheduled series. I know where to find the scheduled shows, I just want an effective wah to see if I have all of my series set to record.

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    Hey @Brip, welcome to our community!

    There is not a seperate series manager. You can manage series recordings by selecting an episode of the show under the DVR "Scheduled" tab, Guide or Search. I definitely agree a series manager would be helpful for checking what is already scheduled, especially for shows without any new episodes coming out soon. I will be happy to submit feedback about implementing that into the app.


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    Thanks for responding, William_M.

    Yes. Please submit an enhancement request for a Series Manager for the Cloud DVR at least for the versions of the app that have a DVR tab. It must be tracking series on the back end somehow. Making this available to the customer would be a benefit. I just switched over from a physical DVR and I'm glad to offer enhancements that would benefit your (older) base that grew up before the internet was in public use.



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