Audio Hum on HSN channel 176 & 483

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When I tune to HSN (Home Shopping Network) on channel 176 or 483, I get an audio hum of about 190 Herts (I measured it) with the regular audio that is very irritating. I've reported it to Spectrum and they sent a technician out to troubleshoot. It was determined that some, not all, in my neighborhood have it as well. In following up with Spectrum I was told that the audio hum is coming from the signal supplied by HSN and was thus out of their hands and weren't doing anything to correct the problem. However, if I watch HSN on my Spectrum App or via the Spectrum website on my PC the audio is just fine (no hum), suggesting that it is not the HSN source unless HSN provides multiple sources of the signal to Spectrum. I ask that if anyone else has this problem to please report it. I would also appreciate someone from the Spectrum technical department (preferably a manager or lead tech) to contact me so we can discuss this problem.


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    Since other neighbors are having the same problem, and you have been told by Spectrum that it is coming from the channel itself, all those affected should contact HSN through any of the following methods on this site:

    You will need to provide the following information regardless of your method of contact:

    Your full name

    Mention that Spectrum is your cable provider

    Your City, State, and Zip code

    Contact email and contact phone number

    That the issue is coming from multiple cable box receivers and not the Spectrum app.

    The channel numbers for HSN in your area.

    A description of the problem. Is the hum constant? Intermittent? If intermittent, when does it most often occur?

    Mention that it only occurs on HSN channels.

    Mention that you were told by Spectrum tech's that this an HSN problem.


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