Why do I have to sign back on to every Roku every day?

Vmil Posts: 3 Spectator

Starting Monday during the storms, Ive had to sign in to every Roku every day. Ive updated software on each one again but that hasnt resolved the issue.

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  • Vmil
    Vmil Posts: 3 Spectator
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    Changing the password worked.

    Thank you!!


  • Jaleesa_F
    Jaleesa_F Posts: 271 ✅ Verified Employee Moderator

    Hello @Vmil

    Welcome to the Community! We are happy to assist! There was a known issue with the Spectrum TV app on Roku devices asking customers to sign in repeatedly and/or change their password. When you sign in, are you able to stream?

  • Vmil
    Vmil Posts: 3 Spectator

    yes IF I can sign in. I’ve also had the password change issue as well

  • William_M
    William_M Posts: 942 ✅ Verified Employee Moderator

    @Vmil The issue has been identified. Please change your password and it will resolve the problem. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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