Daily Intermittent Outages - Mornings Only

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For the past few weeks, there are constant intermittent internet outages in the mornings. It usually first starts occurring between 9:30 AM-10:00 AM. We will lose internet for a minute or two multiple times a day until around 12:00 PM-1:00 PM when everything is working fine again. Our modem is the EN2251. For the record, the same thing happened last summer as well. Below is a list of the interruptions I recorded over a three day period at the beginning of this month.

8/1 10:14 AM

8/1 10:21 AM

8/1 10:27 AM

8/1 10:30 AM

8/1 11:02 AM

8/1 12:42 PM

8/1 12:48 PM

8/2 09:32 AM

8/2 09:38 AM

8/2 09:47 AM

8/2 10:30 AM

8/2 10:37 AM

8/2 10:40 AM

8/2 10:42 AM

8/2 10:44 AM

8/2 10:47 AM

8/2 10:49 AM

8/2 10:55 AM

8/2 12:07 PM

8/3 9:39 AM

8/3 9:43 AM

8/3 9:48 AM

8/3 11:00 AM

8/3 11:14 AM

8/3 11:18 AM

8/3 11:29 AM

8/3 11:33 AM

8/3 11:50 AM

8/3 11:52 AM

8/3 11:54 AM

8/3 11:57 AM

8/3 12:02 PM

8/3 12:10 PM

8/3 12:12 PM


  • Jaleesa_F
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    Hello @Ezekial

    Welcome to the Community! I'm sorry to hear that you're experiencing intermittent connectivity, I am happy to look into this for you. Are you currently wired or wireless?

  • Ezekial
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    Thanks for the response. The issues went away for a couple weeks but they are back again. Both yesterday and today, same exact problem with intermittent outages. We have multiple devices that connect via wireless (laptop, roku tv, ipad, etc.) and all have the same issue. As a test, I have also connected an older laptop with an ethernet port directly to the modem and have had issues as well. We are getting nowhere near the 300 mbps speeds we signed up, even when it is a wired connection. It makes working from home difficult when the internet keeps dropping out, especially during zoom/teams meetings. Co-workers say they have trouble hearing me on the home phone as well as the call keeps going in and out.

  • James_M
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    Thanks for the reply and sorry for any service issues. I was able to locate your account using your registration information and I am seeing error codes on the modem. Since the modem has been in use for about 6 years, I recommend swapping the modem for a new one at a local store. If the issue continues, then you will most likely want to schedule a service call to have a technician investigate further.

    If you have any other questions, please let us know.

  • Ezekial
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    Hi James,

    I went to the Spectrum store yesterday and swapped out our modem for a new one.

    I am still having the same issues this morning with intermittent outages where there will be no internet for anywhere between 15 seconds and two minutes. This happens multiple times over the course of the morning.

    Clearly there is some other issue going on other than the modem itself.

  • James_M
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    Sorry for the ongoing issues. The next step would be to set up a service call and have an technician investigate. If you need assistance setting one up, please let us know.

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