When open emails that contain articles the page is too large to read without scrollin left and right

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When open emails that contain articles the page is too large to read without scrolling left and right The columns - one that has inbox and folders and other that has the incoming email These cannot be adjusted smaller either

I still get email with a roadrunner email address I have WIN10 and use Firefox as my primary browser and it also is used for email I do not see any solution through SETTINGS or HELP Customer service said to try adjusting through FF settings I could not find a solution there. Does anyone else have this problem and have a solution

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    I think that’s one of the reasons why the sender is including the “read more” hyperlink for you to be able to open the article in its own separate full-blown browser window or tab.

    I don’t have the new webmail user interface yet but with the one i’m still on, there’s a < symbol in the upper left corner of the message display pane which, if you hit that, widens the pane out to the left at which point it changes to the > symbol for you to be able to toggle it back. If i had the new version of the webmail user interface, i’d try double-clicking or double-tapping a message in the message list to see if that would open the message up in it’s own separate full-blown window or tab just for kicks while keeping an eye out for whether the browser might be pop-up blocking such.

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