How do I actually disable Security Shield/Chat With Us blocking important stuff.

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This is a really dumb problem. My issue to disable security shield is the fact that I need to press a button that is blocked by... the "Chat with Us" button... Can I just say that the app developers that designed this app really didn't think through with the UI changes? Like come on, this has been an issue reported as early as July 2022 (Reference: This is a gross oversight, and clearly, they haven't patched it (I am using a Samsung S22 Ultra at the 1440p by 3088p resolution). This is a very simple UI to design relatively speaking, and patching it shouldn't be an issue. Also, this is what I believe to be blocking port 443, 80, 22, and my RDP port. I do know that exposing 22, and RDP to the internet is generally a bad idea. But it is what it is, I run extra firewall rules, and AVs to make sure nothing really bad happens, if I really wanted no malware, I would be using Cloudflare's DNS set to block malware. My IP is technically public information as it is published on A and AAAA DNS records for my website (nothing really that fancy, just an experiment). It also is what I believed to be blocking my OutLine Service, which is basically a VPN/Proxy protocol using ShadowSocks that is used to circumvent firewalls... only to get blocked by the host firewall. I have configured ufw to allow the random ports and the configured port forwarding, but it still reports as BLOCKED BY FIREWALL by the install script, and the OutLine Manger.

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    I'm sorry, I will forward feedback on this again but UI/cosmetic issues are usually low priority for our developers. It is still accessible by scrolling to the bottom of the page and then scrolling back up slightly. I have verified this works on all devices including my own S22, but if you are still having trouble any support agent should be able to help you.


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    By the way, I am using Ubuntu 22.04.3 as my server that I host SSH and my Outline Service. I am also using Windows 10 Pro 10.0.19045 with the latest patch Tuesday patches applied which is hosting my website (Apache Webserver), and RDP. Furthermore I've manually created a firewall rule to allow my website and RDP to be accessible via NAT edge traversal (before anyone tells me to try that). And also, I've done port scans of my IPv4 address and all of the ports are indeed open with the correct ports (You can't scan OutLine ports because they are meant to be censorship resistant and will not respond unless the access key gets sent in the first packet).

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