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internet connection been dropping out for about a week more than 6 times a day! if streaming a movie it locks up and i have to stop and start again, if im gaming i lose connection to the server and most times die and lose items! what the hell is going on and how much more of this do i have to put up with? whens it gonna be fixed!

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    Make sure that you have done the beginning troubleshooting. I would unplug your Internet and modem and router for a good five minutes. Than re-connect modem, wait for it to come back online. Than router, wait for it to come back online.

    If this does not resolve the issue, you will need to set up a service call to check the quality of your signals and line drop. Aging wiring, storms, animal chews, can cause these issues. Any bad storms in the area for the past month? You will need to have your signals and drop line checked. If the tech determines that your signals and drop line are good, he will need to replace the modem. If that doesn't resolve this, replace the router.

    If you only replace equipment, and your lines and signals are bad, nothing will change. Call Spectrum to set up a signal and drop line test.


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