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I recently upgraded to the S23+. I can not connect to spectrum mobile. The option under wireless, advanced settings, spectrum wi-fi auto connect is in the off position. When you attempt to turn it on it goes back off immediately. I took it to the local store. They have no idea why it is doing this. They recommended a factory reset. I really don't want to do this and spend hours setting my phone back up. Has anyone else have this happen?

I've enclosed screenshots of both the settings and what I get when I attempt to connect to spectrum mobile.

Thanks for any input.



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    Hello @ekc58!

    Welcome to our community! I haven't heard of that particular issue before either. Does this happen with your home network too or is it with the Spectrum public WiFi access points only? Also, have you reached out to Samsung support yet?

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    Hey if you have any Wi-Fi connection management utilities like Google Wi-Fi Provisioner running on the thing, try uninstalling them and then see if you can get the auto-connect thing to stick.

    🔗https://www.spectrum.net/support/mobile/connect-to-spectrum-wifi-automatically ↳ Troubleshoot Spectrum Mobile WiFi Auto-Connect

  • ekc58
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    Good morning, thanks for the responses. I have no other connection management programs running to cause this issue. I upgraded from a Samsung S10e and it always connected.

    This only happens with Spectrum wifi access points. I connect anywhere else, home, work, friends network with no problem.

    I'll reach out to Samsung support after work today. I never thought of that option.

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    I'm getting the same exact issue as you are. Same prompts to enter information and credentials when I click on Spectrum Mobile in the available wifi networks. No external wifi management app either. Like you, I upgraded to the S23+ from an S10. No issues with the S10 either.

    Spectrum tech support is pretty clueless on providing the credentials to enter them manually.

    I saw that some Bring Your Own Devices and some manufacturers don't allow this. I bought my S23+ straight from the Samsung Store instead of from Spectrum. The setup was a nightmare-that's for another thread entirely!

    I wonder if BYOD in this case is blocked. If so, no problem, but it would be convenient to use Spectrum's hotspots where the MVNO is lacking.

    Xfininity hotspots used to pop automatically as well when out of Spectrum's service area with my S10.

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