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I have gotten several different answers to this question and it’s ridiculous. My apartment is dumping our cable package and forcing us onto a junk streaming plan with no local TV news or sports. Not even Bay News 9 (Tampa Bay Area). Great idea in this hurricane prone area. 🙄

Will I be able to continue streaming sports on the Bally Sports app?

If not, why and what are our options?. Upgrading the garbage plan spectrum is “offering” to include channels included in current ***basic *** cable channels requires a monthly fee of $23 IN ADDITION to the plan itself.

Bally is NOT available on Sling TV which is how I used to watch local sports with my standard spectrum internet package.

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    Hi & welcome!

    I'm not sure this is a question we can answer until the change takes place or without additional information. Until then, this would likely be a question for the apartment representative who manages or negotiates your Community Solutions account. They should have the full listing of channels provided, as well as helping you with things like changing your password. In most cases, individual renters can opt out and get their own services or add extra services a la cart.

    We do have a separate Community Solutions team that supports bulk accounts for apartment buildings. For direct support, and more specific answers, you can reach Community Solutions at (855) 895-5302.


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    The package is streaming essentials. It is literally garbage. All I want to know is will I able to stream from Bally sports app.

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    I'm sorry, it doesn't look like Bally Sports is included with Streaming Essentials. The $23 fee is the Broadcast TV surcharge and will be included with any package that includes local channels as the fee directly reflects what they charge us to carry them.

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