How do I turn off two factor authentication on Spectrum's website?

elle41074 Posts: 2 Spectator

When logging in to I put in my user name and password, then the website sends me a text for me to input a code to continue. I want this two factor authentication shut off. Thus far, no Spectrum will tell me how.

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  • James_M
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    Hi & welcome!

    Two-factor verification was added for account security and is not a feature that can be disabled.

    Thanks for the question!


  • elle41074
    elle41074 Posts: 2 Spectator

    Why is it that all three Spectrum people I chatted or talked to did not know that you can not turn this off? Horrible service by Spectrum to be so ignorant!

  • James_M
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    Sorry for any poor experience. Stop back anytime you have a question about your services. If we don't have the answer, we can always find it for you.

  • firewi
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    is there a way to add a secondary email&phone for management purposes since 2FA can't be disabled?

  • HT_Greenfield
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    Edit: just curious if the webpage that comes up with the temporary security code echo entry field includes any kind an option like "remember this device" that can be hit after manually keying in the code.

  • mbsbd
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    How do you actually turn ON TWO FACTOR AUTHENTCATION??

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