Frequent intermittent drops of Internet connection, ET2251, how to update firmware

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Modem keeps losing internet connection, for short timeframe and reconnected.

Happening multiple times during day, noticing it mainly in middle of night bc that's when I'm able to watch shows on streaming services.

Any ideas on how to fix this? Any way to update firmware on modem?

My setup:

Spectrum ET2251 modern, brand new.

TP-Link - Deco W7200 AX3600 router, updated firmware.

Gigabit internet.

Only 6 devices on network.

Spectrum tech just came out and replaced my coax and connections on pole and verified strong signal.

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    Hi @Cochise! Welcome to our community.

    Firmware is pushed automatically whenever a new version has been approved by our engineers, we don't have any manual control over it.

    If the modem itself is going offline all you can do is reboot it and make sure the coax is firmly connected. If that does not help I'd recommend exchanging the modem, and/or scheduling another appointment with a technician. Intermittent problems like this do occasionally take more than one appointment to resolve as we narrow down the issue through process of elimination.


  • Cochise
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    Thanks for your response. The coax is firmly connected and it reconnects by itself without the need to reboot.

    I only have one connection in the house and the technician said it was reading -2 coming in and over 40 going out, which he said was very good.

    Wondering what the issue *could* be. It happens at night after midnight... annoyingly loses Internet and goes back on, over and over, with no exact schedule.

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    This is happening to us also. It seems that every day this week I've had to "Check power device". It does it at about the same time. I have to click the source on my TV then select spectrum before the TV comes back on again. I am attaching a photo of the screen.

    This never happened before Spectrum changed to firmware which I think is a bunch of rubbish. Go back to the olde boxes and software. They worked better and we had no problems.

    I know they are going to say reboot but NOT every day. Something is definitely wrong with the software.

    If I could I would switch but Spectrum has the monopoly in my area.

    Thanks for letting me vent.

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