Where did my contacts go

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I have lost all of our contacts since the upgrade to 3.0. When will our contacts be retored?


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    Bummer. When they are restored, try doing regular back ups by exporting your contacts and storing the file(s) in a safe place either on a USB Drive or something like Microsoft One Drive or Google Drive. .https://www.spectrum.net/support/internet/import-export-email-contacts-bhn-twc

    Regardless of what happens, you might want to consider a free email account at Outlook.com or Gmail. Gmail has a free feature that will transfer over your old email account including messages and contacts for 30 days.

    Both of those services are ISP-independent which means if you are no longer a Spectrum customer you still have access to your emails. https://community.spectrum.net/discussion/170846/will-i-lose-emails

    For what it is worth, users of AT&T's email service run by Yahoo (including mail domains acquired via mergers) have had similar problems for more than a year. That includes unrecoverable account lockouts, total loss of emails, and contacts. Not saying that it could happen with Spectrum but it is painful to see all the AT&T users effected. You can see their problems if you Google search for AT&T's Forums.

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    Good evening @Mikelenz1 and Welcome to Community Forums

    Thank you for reaching out to us in regards to the new Email 3.0. I am sorry that your contacts have not transferred over. Is this impacting all of your email addresses or just one? Are you using the Webmail on your mobile phone or a computer? -Lyn

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    I have hundreds of contacts that are missing.......many that will take lots and lots of work to find as they are from people who do not have FB or other online accounts that I can access. I send out many group emails and have grown weary of waiting!! Please correct this soon!!

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