Hitron EN2251 will not issue IP address to Cisco RV325

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I have an Arris modem that works fine with the router but when I upgraded to a higher service speed Spectrum sent me the Hitron EN2251 modem. After setup it shows as connected to the router WAN but there isn't an IP address associated to it on the router like there was with the Arris. Therefore the router will not connect to the internet. I had discussions with Cisco support and they said to add the modem MAC address to the WAN Clone table. That didn't work. I connected the modem directly to the computer and I can connect to the internet. Cisco recommended resetting the modem to factory settings and have Spectrum clear the MAC binding entry on the DHCP server. But I can't log in to the modem using when the modem is connected directly to the computer and I doubt Spectrum can clear the MAC binding entry on the DHCP. Why doesn't the Hitron connect to the RV325 as easily as the Arris did? I have discontinued the higher speed service until Spectrum can deliver a modem that works with my router. BTW I have already spent hours rebooting the modem and router in ever conceivable order.

Any suggestions?


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  • William_M
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    Hi @Bandy, welcome to our community!

    If you are getting internet when your computer is connected then the modem and everything else on our end is good. The most common reason I see this happening is that the modem needs another reboot any time you change what is connected to it, that is the only way to get it to see the new device. If it still does not work after a reboot, unfortunately that indicates a router problem.


  • Bandy
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    Thanks William. I have rebooted the modem and the router, several times and in different order. The router works fine with other modems, even the Arris modem from Spectrum and before that a Motorola modem that I own. So you cannot say the router is the problem. Since I cannot log into the Hitron modem and see how it is setup it only makes sense that it is problem is with the Hitron modem. I will return it to Spectrum and not expect to get the higher speed service. Not an issue today, I only got the higher speed because a customer service person was giving it away for a year.

  • William_M
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    You're welcome. That modem doesn't have a built in router so there's nothing for you to log in to or configure.

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    Are you sure the new modem is properly registered/configured on Spectrum's side?

    Modem should have a physical reset button to set it to factory defaults so it reconfigs from the head end again.

    Should also be able to log in to your Spectrum Account and reset it there as well (refresh modem or something like that).


    Didn't look up details on the modem, but does it have more than one ethernet port? (could have a seperate port isolated for VOIP use, not the internet)