Is buffering normal?

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I'm streaming through a Roku and there is no issues with the ROKU on any other App or channel. I've checked out the ROKU as well as the internet (350mbps) and wireless and all are working perfectly. I also have Sling and the DVR function works perfectly. It's only Spectrum cDVR that is buffering and freezing. The buffering happens mostly when you finish watching a recorded show and hit the back arrow to get to the "watch or delete" page to delete it. It buffers every time for 12-20 secs. There is no way to get by this page when it's doing it. I've tried FF to end of show and it does the same thing. It deletes fine from previously watched category. I suggest whoever is developing your software spend some time on Sling to see how cDVR should work. Spectrum is very rudimentary and not user friendly.

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    Hi @maybesomeday, welcome to our community.

    The Spectrum TV app is a live service so can be more sensitive to connection issues than others that can load in advance, but you should not be buffering if you have a steady internet connection.

    If it is happening when you are trying to navigate, that seems more like a bug/error with the app itself. Will you please make sure your Roku software is fully updated and reinstall the Spectrum TV app?


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    Yes, I uninstalled and re-installed the cDvr app. Didn't help any of the issues. How about this one? Had a bunch of channels selected as favorites. Decided to slim the number down. (Why are there 2 channels for a lot of programs?) Un-favorited all the duplicates and went back to guide at the top. Hit the filter button and favorites and it had deleted all the shows marked as favorites. Went to all channels and then back to favorites and they were gone. So I deleted all and started over. This cDvr is poor beyond words. You also can't delete multiple DVR recorded shows at once, only one at a tiome- waiting for it to buffer for 15 seconds each time! Just saw a comment on another site online that a known issue , that was admitted to by Spectrum, still hasn't been fixed -3 years later! Guess you get what you pay for but in this case I'll likely drop Spectrum and go back to Sling which has worked perfectly for 2 years.

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