After the latest update I don't like it

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After the latest update of the Spectrum TV Mobile App for Android. I don't see how you can set/record your DVR away from home. I have the Spectrum Guide World Box so I was limited on DVR Manger but there was a option to setup a recording. Now after the App updates there is zero option why is this? Are DVRS not as popular as they oune were because you have so much streaming? Or is it because Spectrum wants the App to be 100% entertainment?

A word on the App and DVR Manger. Like I said my Box's is a Word Box with the Spectrum Guide. The DVR Manger is not compatible( reference code (Disabled DRDV-1000) with the World Box's or the Guide or DVR I am not sure. But my point is if these devices and guides are to future shouldn't everything work with them. This could be why I can't find a option to set a recording. But this brings me back to my question I had before. Are DVRS popular still and does Spectrum know video service dead and there is not a lot more they can do in the video market to make money? That's might be why they are in no rush to fix compatibility issues?


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    Hi @Korona165

    If you are looking at the title page for a show you should have a "More Options" button which lets you select "Record" or "Record Series". If you scroll down to the list of episodes you should be able to tap any episode to schedule a recording.

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    I just noticed all Disney owned channels got dropped Disney. Spectrum and Disney are trying to work out a deal. Was this on the news why didn't Spectrum say anything to it's customers? Any word on how talks are going and mostly when a deal is done what's the chances my bill will go up?

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