Why is network mode removed?

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I have a s23u, and ive noticed there are settings removed from my phone that should be there. For example, network mode under "mobile networks" along with about 4 or 5 other settings in there are gone.

Disabling parts of my phone seems a bit sketchy.....especially since these are pretty important settings. For example, i have 1 bar of reception, i could turn on 2g instead of 5g and get alot more bars, spectrum would benifit from me using less mobile data, and my s23u battery life would potentially double....

Someone, somewhere, fix this. Put all of the options youve removed back on this phone.


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    Hi @Spectrumcustomer, welcome to our community!

    It is normal for some settings like network mode to be managed by the carrier for locked or network branded devices. I will be happy to forward your feedback about this.

    By default it should be on auto and switch from the 5G well before it's all the way down to one bar. How does your coverage look on https://www.spectrum.com/mobile/coverage-map ?

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    Im 4g partner and 4g, any 5gb is really far away.

    It definitely doesnt auto switch, im almost always 1 bar. At least not auto switch like im talking. If im near wifi, i could put my phone on 2g and use routines feature to switch me to 4g when i leave my wifi.

    But for real, theres no reason to not let us adjust it manually. It 100% helps everyone

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