Change pairing of Apple watch from Wife's line to My line

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Wife and I have two Spectrum Mobile lines, and Wife has an Apple Watch Series 4 with Cellular paired with her iPhone. She will be getting a new non-cellular watch, and I will be taking hers and will want to pair it with my own iPhone. Presumably this involves cancelling the pairing with her iPhone and then doing a factory reset on that watch, then re-pairing the watch with my own iPhone-and-line.

Does anyone here know the process, or have a link to the precise steps involved? Is this something that the Mobile Support team has to do, or can they make it easier to swap the watch from her line to mine?


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    Hello @TomUpNorth,

    Please reach out to our Mobile team directly via phone at 1-833-224-6603, we are happy to help!

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    I called the Mobile team today and for the record, here is the simple process involved:

    1. They will first cancel the cellular service to the old Watch, which happened quickly and was observable in the Wife's iPhone's Watch app under the Cellular setting.
    2. Next I used her Watch app to select All Watches and the (i) for it and at the bottom selected Unpair Apple Watch which included entering Wife's AppleID creds. This reset the Watch completely.
    3. I proceeded to pair the newly-erased Watch with my own iPhone, while the Spectrum rep commenced to establish a "new" Watch plan with my own iPhone. I had to give "new customer" info and agree to Terms.
    4. By the time the Watch was done pairing with my iPhone, the Cellular plan was ready to be activated
    5. Activation in the Watch app meant going to Cellular setting and Set-up (or was it Activate?) which required that I enter my Spectrum Mobile login credentials. It worked!

    The phone connection between the Mobile rep and myself was lost once, but otherwise the process was pretty painless. Might have taken less than an hour.

    Since the un-paired Watch was set-up again with my own iPhone as a New device (no set-up charge I think), they gave me the first three months of service free just as if I'd brought-in a new cellular Watch to the Mobile service. A happy surprise worth thirty bucks!

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