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What is the point of blocking addresses that send spam only to have to delete that list because I added too many? All that does is allow the same spam to return to my inbox. That is ridiculous! We should be able to block as many as we want. Especially considering the exhorbitant cost of internet services!

Can this be fixed?


  • Jaleesa_F
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    Hello @strshne

    Welcome to the Community! I certainly understand your frustration. However, at this time that option is not available. I am happy to pass your feedback along.

  • zatanna
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    Many spammers don't even bother with an e-mail address. Shouldn't this be an automatic block? No one should be allowed to send an e-mail without a traceable return address.

  • strshne
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    Who can I talk to about my Blocking Senders issue?

  • strshne
    strshne Posts: 3 Spectator

    Jaleesa F - Who else can I talk to about this issue? And, why didn't I get some sort of notification that someone replied to my question?

  • William_M
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    I'm sorry, there is no one you can talk to that would be able to change the current capabilities of our filters but I can certainly forward your feedback. I recommend marking the emails as spam so our system can better learn to identify and block them automatically. You could try filtering by keyword instead of email address, or use a 3rd party mail client like Outlook and use its filtering capabilities. You can always create a new email address, I have one I use for friends/family/important business and another I use for everything else like signing up for websites that might leak or sell it.