Why are so many people suddenly using my email address as their recovery email address?

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I have been receiving notices (at least one daily) for the past couple of weeks that someone has entered my email address as their recovery email. Is this due to some security breach? Is there any way to place my Spectrum email address “off-limits” in regard to allowing it to be used as recovery email?

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    Hi & welcome!

    While this could be the result of someting unintentional like a similar email getting enterered as your email by accident, the fact that you are reporting it happened multiple times points to some kind of intentional action. At a minimum, you should reset your email password and strongly condsider deleting the email altogether, since it sounds like someone has gained access to or is misusing your email. You can save contacts and back up any important emails, and then create a new email.

    You probably want to also monitor your credit report for anything suspicious or unusual. I've included a couple links to related pages that may be useful; Online Security and Reporting Identity Theft.

    Thanks for the question and let us know if we can assist further with this or any other issue.

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