Ongoing Issues in my service area continues

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My original post ( ) marked as "answered" and "closed" by @Renee_T has had NO improvement.

In fact it's become so frequent myself and my neighbors have all disabled the calling portion of the spectrum outage services due to the frequency of calls.

It's OBVIOUSLY not on our end if they're notifying us of the outage.

Your chat bot is an awful experience for anything but basic scripted issues with no way to reach a live rep.

There's fiber piping and junctions being laid in this entire region, you're going to have a mass exit experience soon if you can't get this figured out.

Ongoing since April...


  • James_M
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    There was a previous issue in your area that has been addressed and resolved. We are currently not seeing any open issues in your area. If the issue you are seeing persists, then we recommend scheduling a service call to investigate further.