Why change the guide ?

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The previous guide was so much better and it appears everyone agrees. I loved having a bio on the actors for each show/movie you were viewing. Now you can't look up who's acting, age etc. Why does everything get changed for the worse.

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  • William_M
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    Hi @joanm and @SwV_53711, welcome to our community!

    We are always looking to improve our products and service but I definitely understand that not all changes are good. I appreciate y'all taking the time to come here and provide feedback.

    You can change the Power-On Channel to remain on the last channel viewed, but streaming options are very popular and have many advantages. I myself watch most of my TV on my computer by going to watch.spectrum.net or the networks own sites. Other devices can be used to view same Live TV you are receiving through the Spectrum TV app.


  • SwV_53711
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    New guide (I guide) is awful. Hardly any info on programs, use to be able to look at guide and could see if it was a new program or rerun, no longer now have to push info button to get that information on every show.

    Also dislike that every time I turn on the cable box it has defaulted to channel 1 Spectrum news (how convenient) Thanks for taking that option away and sticking us with iguide.

    I miss National Geographic Wild also.

    Need to upgrade to new TV and possibly switch to streaming since those of us that don’t stream are paying more for our cable tv programs. Which is exactly what the spectrum CEO stated.