Why am I not being given access to cancel my TV service?

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I have tried multiple times to call to cancel this service and have been given the “we cannot take your call at this time”. I also cannot cancel with a chat agent. This is completely unfair. First you and Disney strip our channels from us with hardly any warning and now I can’t cancel. I do not want to do a free trial to Fubo. The free trial runs out and then I will be forced to pay for another service when I’m already paying for those channels through spectrum. I WANT TO CANCEL TV!!!


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    Hello I just wanted to post that I just got off the phone with Spectrum after 30 minutes of arguing with them and trying to get my TV canceled and I was able to get a hold of her representative but here's the correct phone number so I hope this helps anyone, be aware that they're going to keep on bugging you about what services you might want to upgrade to and all that but I kept fighting and fighting and said no I want to cancel TV service and they finally did now I'm just waiting for their email to confirm it


    When you call this number make sure you say disconnect service, and of course whatever service you want disconnected say that That's how you get a hold of a representative. Hope this helps several people