Urgent Internet Issue, Router Going in and Out, Intermittent Internet Multiple Times a Day

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I decided to upgrade my plan to the 500 mb Spectrum plan and got a new modem and router on 09/04. The next day my router would go from blue to red and wifi/internet would go out on all of my devices. It would be out for minutes at a time, usually turning back blue on its own. Restarting the router or both the modem and the router didn't help. I called Spectrum every day Monday-Friday and even though they could see that the router had been going in and out and they would reboot it on their end, it didn't fix the issue. I even exchanged my router at a Spectrum store for another one just incase it was a faulty router. Finally on Friday I had them schedule for a technician.

The first technician ran tests with the wires, equipment, and even went outside to check everything out. He thought it was an interfering signal of some kind and thought he fixed it, but the problem kept happening.

I was able to get another technician out the next day, and he tested everything and showed me his phone app and the equipment tests. Apparently these routers are newer and not as much is known about troubleshooting. The internet didn't go out while he was here (just my luck) but just incase he changed out the router to a third one and I even changed the network name and password. However even though he tried what he could, the problem happened a few hours after he left, as bad as every five minutes or so.

I work from home so I really need to figure this problem out. The second technician said modem is testing just fine, wires are fine, and placement of router is fine. My devices are on this new network and are all on wifi (wireless). I'm now keeping a log every time internet goes out, to see if it's at similar times every day. I'm guessing it could be an interfering signal of some kind or some kind of firmware issue with this type of router. (Model SAX1V1S.)

Any help or suggestions would be great. I guess I'll keep calling Spectrum for the time being.



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    Hi & welcome!

    One way to rule out wireless interference would be to direct connect one of your devices to the internet. If the issue persists, then we suggest haveing another service call.

    Thanks !

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