Free Disney+ might violate Spectrum's own privacy policy.

rmohrmann Posts: 6 Participant
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I, for one, do not want any information, about be, shared with Disney.

I do not know how Spectrum plans to offer free Disney+ and ESPN+.

But one of the ways would be to share with Disney, user account information.

Another way would be to offer vouchers.

The following is in Spectrum's privacy policy...

Third Parties

We do not sell to or share with third parties, for their own marketing or advertising purposes, any information that personally identifies our customers or other individuals who use our products, services, or applications; however, in some cases we may disclose non-personally identifiable information, such as an IP address or device identifier, to a third-party partner as needed to support our advertising business and our video programming distribution business.

If Disney does wind up having information about me without my consent, I will be contacting the New York state Consumer Protection Agency about it.