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Whenever you have a sports recording in progress and you click on watch...the video immediately shows the live event for 2 seconds. Thus you immediately know the score which makes it worthless to watch the game leading up to the point where it is live. This sucks for those of us that want to watch the game and zoom past the commercials. I have learned to turn my head away but c'mon Spectrum fix this engineering calamity!!!!

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    Cloud DVR is intended to be used to record programming and then watch it later, after the recording has completed. Begining a replay before the recording has completed, especially with live sports, will cause errors and can cause the remainder of the recording to become corrupted and may become unplayable.

    For Cloud DVR, any recordings should be completed before you begin to play the recording. To watch a live recording in progress to skip through commercials, you would want to use a standard DVR at this time, to avoid errors.

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    Hello @jackpeck1

    Welcome to the Community! Sorry to hear that you're experiencing issues with sports recordings, we are happy to look into this for you. Are you using the DVR box? Or do you use cloud DVR?

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    Cloud DVR with the streaming App. DVR box does not have this problem.

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    I am running through Apple TV...

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    Are you able to test if this happens with other programs on other channels? As a bonus, would you happen to have another device that can use the Spectrum TV app or on a computer visit to see if the same happens?

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    Thanks William I appreciate it. I do believe that I can run it off my TV app and see if it works but if this is a problem with AppleTV, that is incredibly frustrating. Last night I recorded five college football games and I could only watch to because the files were temporarily unavailable or corrupt or whatever, and that happens all the time. It’s hard for me to believe that this is all because of the Apple TV. I have problems on my Samsung and my Sony and I wholeheartedly believe this is a Spectrum issue essentially their beta testing the streaming app and it’s not ready for prime time in regards to recording

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    Man this is the first time i've heard that you can retro-playback live currently airing programs in progress via the Spectrum TV app with cloud DVR so my compliments to you for noticing and reporting the idiosyncrasy and to Spectrum for delivering the capability‼️

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    Thanks, James M...If this is true then why does it work "in progress" 80% of the time. I'm hoping the goal is to fix this issue?

    And in the mean time...

    More importantly, every employee associated with the sale of the streaming app, as well as on line Spectrum info should all mention this as a known issue. There are a lot of customers (50%?) that would expect the ability to watch flawlessly even though the recording is not finished. At my local Spectrum office they recommended dropping the traditional DVR box because the cloud DVR was "equal and/or superior". Candid transparency is the right way for a company to operate.

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    @jackpeck1, I got Spectrum service yesterday, and added the Cloud DVR Plus today after I discovered I couldn't pause live TV. I'm streaming through Roku, so can't comment on Apple TV. I had good luck today live recording the NFL game. Once I started the recording, I was able to immediately go My Library and watch a 5-10 second delayed broadcast without any issues. Pause/reverse/forward etc. Saturday I'll try this with more simultaneous recordings and see if I experience the same problems you did.

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    Thanks for the feedback! See how you do with multiple recordings and try watching in progress. Maybe Roku is the answer?