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I've had a cell phone since 1994 (anyone remember bag phones?) and as far as networking goes I was a BBS Sysop before Internet access was commonplace (anyone remember Fidonet?). I've been around the block a time or ten.

That being said I'm testing out Spectrum Mobile to see if the Verizon network will provide better coverage, on my commute back and forth to work, than my current carrier. It's not fun hitting a deer in a no service area! I was still able to get a 911 call out (through a competitor's tower) but I couldn't call for a wrecker until an officer arrived on scene.

That being said I've searched high and low and I cannot find an answer to my question. I'm just curious as to whether the Spectrum Mobile WiFi is active on all Spectrum advanced routers (For the benefit of Spectrum Mobile users) or only the ones where a customer actually subscribes to Spectrum Mobile.

Since I'm technically inclined I just like to know how things work.


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    Hi @dwh367,

    Sounds like you are asking about Spectrum Mobile Speed Boost, which along with access to Spectrum Out of Home WiFi, combine to make Spectrum mobile an outstanding value.

    If you want to also let us know your zip code, then hopefully some other Spectrum Mobile subscribers in your area can provide their feedback and thoughts on how the service works for local coverage.

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    Thanks for the reply and Speed Boost is what I was referring to. However my question was never answered. Is the Speed Boost SSID enabled on all advanced wifi routers or just the ones that are affiliated with Spectrum Mobile accounts?

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    Mobile speed boost is enabled while at home on your home WiFi and using the mobile device(s) that is associated with your home internet account.

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